Easy Greek Skillet Pastitsio

This is a layered pasta (similar to a lasagne) cooked in the oven. It is made with Greek Besamel sauce. The sauce is similar to Bechamel Sauce but it also includes eggs and egg yolks. EQUIPMENT: INGREDIENTS: INGREDIENTS-DIVIDED BY STEP: PASTA INGREDIENTS: BESAMEL SAUCE INGREDIENTS: (Makes about 2.5 Cups) MEAT INGREDIENTS: LAYER INGREDIENTS: GARNISH INGREDIENTS:… Continue reading Easy Greek Skillet Pastitsio

Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup

This is from the Viking Cruise Line website. Wisconsin, home of so many cheeses, is the inspiration for this hearty soup that highlights bock beer and two kinds of cheddar, with its traditional garnish of popcorn and chives. Be sure to use sharp, good-quality cheeses and bock beer—the strong, dark lager’s maltiness creates a depth… Continue reading Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup