Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup

This is from the Viking Cruise Line website. Wisconsin, home of so many cheeses, is the inspiration for this hearty soup that highlights bock beer and two kinds of cheddar, with its traditional garnish of popcorn and chives. Be sure to use sharp, good-quality cheeses and bock beer—the strong, dark lager’s maltiness creates a depth… Continue reading Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup

Irish Cream

This was posted on Taste of Home we made a double batch in the blender. I’m not sure how long this will last in the refrigerator but with the alcohol and the sugar added, it should last a few months. Dianne suggested a little less coffee and a little more chocolate. INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS:

Breakfast Lasagna

Layers: Melted butter Flour tortillas (cut in strips?) Sliced baked potato Sharp cheddar cheese Flour tortilla Bacon / Ham / Canadian bacon or mix Roasted Onions and green peppers? Mushrooms? Duxelles? Egg sheet Sausage gravy Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 4 12-inch flour tortillas 8 slices bread, cubed 8 ounces shredded cheddar cheese 5 eggs 2… Continue reading Breakfast Lasagna

Cranberry Pecan Beer Bread – Randy’s

Note: I make this in my bread machine. This is my version of Grandpa Jim’s Cranberry Pecan bread. I set my machine to 1.5 lb, mix-ins, and medium crust. Light crust might be better with this much sugar. INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: TRY THE FOLLOWING FOR A LARGER LOAF: I set my machine to 2 lb, mix-ins,… Continue reading Cranberry Pecan Beer Bread – Randy’s