Sausage – Breakfast – 2020

Need to try adding 1 tsp baking soda per 3 lbs of meat to promote browning. Higher PH makes the meat brown better. (Per America’s Test Kitchen) Ingredients – 10lb recipe: 10 lbs ground pork 10 tsp sea salt – Ratio should be 0.2 oz. by weight per pound of meat.  (Always weigh the salt.) 7.25 tsp brown sugar 1.25 tsp white… Continue reading Sausage – Breakfast – 2020

Smoked Ribs (Myron Mixon-ish St. Louis 3-2-1)

Ingredients: Rub: 1 part BBQ Salt (RANDY’S ALTERNATE LOWER SODIUM FROM-SCRATCH) 1 part brown sugar  Other: Yellow Mustard Apple juice and a spray bottle. Instructions: Wash ribs and remove membrane. Rub ribs with a thin coat of mustard so the rub will stick. Coat ribs with the rub mixture: Per the “proper salting techniques” in the Food Trivia post,… Continue reading Smoked Ribs (Myron Mixon-ish St. Louis 3-2-1)