Sandwich Bread – Randy’s

I tweaked this recipe from “Baking with Julia”Makes two 1.25-pound loaves in 9.5-inch x 5.5-inch loaf pans. INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Proofing the Yeast: Mixing and Kneading: First Rise: Shaping the Dough: Second Rise: Baking the Bread: STORING: Make sure you close off the cut side of the bread with a heel or plastic wrap so the… Continue reading Sandwich Bread – Randy’s


I copied this recipe from an old sheet of paper. It is designed to work in a bread machine but I should be able to adapt it to a regular recipe. ALL INGREDIENTS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE (70-80 DEGREES F.) INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: SELECT SWEET SETTING FOR A LARGE SIZE. SELECT CRUST COLOR. PRESS START. BREAD WILL… Continue reading ROGER & KAY’S APPLE CINNAMON APRICOT BREAD