Marshmallow Fondant

Yield: This recipe makes about 3 pounds (48 oz) of fondant. INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Coloring Instructions: Add a little icing color to your desired amount of fondant. Knead the fondant with your hands until it absorbs all of the color (I recommend wearing plastic gloves). Add more color as needed to reach the desired hue. Storage… Continue reading Marshmallow Fondant

Sandwich Bread – Randy’s

I tweaked this recipe from “Baking with Julia”Makes two 1.25-pound loaves in 9.5-inch x 5.5-inch loaf pans. INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Proofing the Yeast: Mixing and Kneading: First Rise: Shaping the Dough: Second Rise: Baking the Bread: STORING: Make sure you close off the cut side of the bread with a heel or plastic wrap so the… Continue reading Sandwich Bread – Randy’s


I copied this recipe from an old sheet of paper. It is designed to work in a bread machine but I should be able to adapt it to a regular recipe. ALL INGREDIENTS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE (70-80 DEGREES F.) INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: SELECT SWEET SETTING FOR A LARGE SIZE. SELECT CRUST COLOR. PRESS START. BREAD WILL… Continue reading ROGER & KAY’S APPLE CINNAMON APRICOT BREAD