Chicken Thighs (Andrew’s Smoked)

INGREDIENTS: Bone-in, Skin-on chicken thighs. Honey Randy’s Chicken and Rib Rub (or your favorite) INSTRUCTIONS: Place the chicken thighs skin side down on a cutting board. Cut away any skin and fat that extends outside the meat. Use your fingers to carefully pull the skin away to form a pocket. Coat the pocket between the… Continue reading Chicken Thighs (Andrew’s Smoked)

Chicken Salad – Horseradish

This recipe is based on my Mayonnaise Horseradish recipe. It is even better when you sprinkle in some Chicken and Rib Rub. Ingredients: 5 cups cooked chicken breast (1 breast = approx. 1 cup) 1 cup finely chopped celery 1/4 large onion (finely chopped in a blender or spice grinder) 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise 1/4… Continue reading Chicken Salad – Horseradish

Smoked Shredded Chicken Breast – Sous Vide

It is hard to make smoked, shredded chicken breast without drying it out. This recipe ensures the chicken will have smoke throughout, will be cooked thoroughly, and will not be dry and tough. Start Sous Vide heating at 158 degrees. Coat chicken breasts in olive oil. Lay the chicken breasts out on a cake rack… Continue reading Smoked Shredded Chicken Breast – Sous Vide

Chicken Croquettes

Notes: I this recipe needs additional spices.  You can choose your own.  One option may be hot sauce to create Buffalo Chicken Croquets.  Another option would be chopped celery and replacing flour for bread crumbs. Ingredients: 3 Chicken Breasts 4 oz. (1.33 cups) shredded mozzarella 2 eggs 1/3 Cup Mayonnaise 1/3 Cup Flour 1.5 Tablespoons… Continue reading Chicken Croquettes

Chicken Cordon Bleu with White Aged-cheddar Cheese Mornay

Andrew’s Recipe. INGREDIENTS: Chicken: Large chicken breasts Ham Swiss cheese Herb and garlic spices Mornay: (approximate measurements) 5 tablespoons Butter 3 tablespoons Flour (substitute 3 teaspoons of xanthan gum for low carb/keto) 2 cups Milk 2 cups Aged white cheddar cheese 1 tablespoon of garlic herb spices INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat Sous Vide to 158 degrees. Cut… Continue reading Chicken Cordon Bleu with White Aged-cheddar Cheese Mornay