Irish Cream

This was posted on Taste of Home we made a double batch in the blender. I’m not sure how long this will last in the refrigerator but with the alcohol and the sugar added, it should last a few months. Dianne suggested a little less coffee and a little more chocolate. INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS:

Pregoritas (Randy’s Non-alcoholic Margaritas)

This is my take on a non-alcoholic margarita. It is very sweet. INGREDIENTS: 2 parts Fanta orange soda 3 parts sweetened lime juice 8 parts sweet and sour mix 8 parts simple syrup INSTRUCTIONS FOR SIMPLE SYRUP: Mix equal amounts (1 cup each) granulated sugar and water in a microwave-safe glass pitcher or measuring cup.… Continue reading Pregoritas (Randy’s Non-alcoholic Margaritas)

Margarita Rimming Salt – Colored

Colored Margaritas require Colored Margarita Salt! Ingredients: 5 Tbsp Sea Salt 5 drops of food coloring 5 drops of lime juice Instructions: Put salt in a Ziplock bag or a tupperware container with a cover. Add liquid ingredients Shake well Cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil Pour contents out onto the foil Broil low… Continue reading Margarita Rimming Salt – Colored