Cointreau / Gran Marnier (DIY Sous Vide from Brandy)

Orange liquor is a primary ingredient in margaritas and other mixed drinks.

750ml of orange liquor costs $40+.  This recipe makes more than twice that amount for under $30.

Refrigerate it or use it fairly quickly.  I had some suspect floaters on a batch after a few months.

This recipe makes about 2.3 litres, enough for 118 4.25oz margaritas.

Squeeze the leftover oranges for orange juice.

Use the leftover peels to make Orange Peel Candy (recipe on this site).


  • Peelings from 8-10 oranges
  • 1.75 liters of cheap brandy
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cups of sugar


  1. Peel the oranges removing as little of the white pith as possible
  2. Add the orange peels and brandy to a plastic bag and seal
  3. Sous Vide the mixture at 150 degrees for at least 4 hours
  4. Mix the water and sugar in a glass container and microwave on high until the mixture starts to boil.  It will become clear the instant it starts to boil.  Stir together and chill.
  5. Strain the brandy mixture into the sugar water and stir together.

Notes: My Limoncello recipe recommends cooling the peel and liquor mixture and the sugar mixture before combining them. This is probably a good idea for this recipe, as well.

You could also use a microplane to zest the oranges (it is more work) to make sure you don’t get any bitter pith.

If you microwave each orange for 20 seconds, they will be easier to peel, zest, and juice.

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