DIY Chalk Paint

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup latex paint 4 Tablespoons Calcium Carbonate Powder 1 Tablespoon Talc Water to thin, as needed. NOTES: I bought several types of calcium carbonate and you really need fine-ground powder (like food grade). Calcium carbonate is ground limestone and it does not dissolve in water. It gets suspended in the paint. There are… Continue reading DIY Chalk Paint

Cake Goop

Brush this on your cake pan to keep the cake from sticking.  Make sure you remove the cake while it is still slightly warm so the goop does not set up and stick.   INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS:

Electrolyte / Hydration Drink – DIY substitutes for Pedialyte

NOTE: As long as you keep the same water:salt:sugar ratio any of these recipes should work for people > 12 years old. WEBMD VERSION: Search for “rehydration drinks”.  They warn not to give this drink to children under 12.  They recommend: 1 quart water ½ teaspoon table salt 6 teaspoons sugar RECIPE #1: 6… Continue reading Electrolyte / Hydration Drink – DIY substitutes for Pedialyte