Fixing Hard Brown Sugar

Dianne decided to make cookies tonight and all the brown sugar was hard as a rock.

She was ready to go to the store to buy more when I puffed up my chest and said, “I can fix it!” “I know stuff!”

I spread the chunks out on a foil lined jelly-roll pan.

I preheated the oven to 190 degrees. Sugar starts to change state at 230 degrees so 190 is safe and won’t change the sugar.

I used convection bake. This process will still work if you don’t have that feature, it might take just a little longer.

After 10 minutes, I mashed the large chunks with a potato masher.

After another 10 minutes, the brown sugar was dry.

I gave it a few long pulses in the food processor to break up the chunks.

There were still a few small hard, dark chunks (about 1/8 cup) that needed to go.

I poured the sugar through a fine mesh strainer and it was as good as new.

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